The Kitchen Sacramento


Sacramento’s The Kitchen restaurant shares a dark corner next to a Taco Bell and Denny’s, not quite the place you’d expect to find a five star restaurant. But once inside its a bustling bastion of culinary creativity, headed up by the young, energetic head chef, David Chavez (top). It’s a bit culinary performance art showcasing the regions bounty of the freshest ingredients and a unique and innovative 7 course dining experience.

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Punch hole clouds


Often mistaken for UFOs these rarely seen punch hole clouds or fallstreak holes can be formed by passing aircraft which often have a large reduction in pressure behind the wing- or propeller-tips. This cools the air very quickly, and can produce a ribbon of ice crystals trailing in the aircraft’s wake. These ice crystals find themselves surrounded by droplets, grow quickly by the Bergeron process, causing the droplets to evaporate and creating a hole with brush-like streaks of ice crystals below it.

I was lucky enough to see one of them forming in San Francisco near Land’s End.


Stand by your Tree


If you think your family is weird around the holidays, check out these found photos from Oliver Wasow’s photo essay “Go Over There By the Tree.”




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Amazing Portraits


Mesmerizing photos by some of the best portrait photographers in the world. (Rehahn, above and below, Eric Lafforgue, Jimmy Nelsson, Manny Librodo.)





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Real-Life American Horror Stories


The Doll House Mansion (Philadelphia, PA) is an abandoned mansion full of nothing but dolls and organized metal saws and tools neatly displayed on metal shelves through out several rooms.

Just in time for Halloween Seph Lawless, photographer of abandoned houses, buildings and malls, has compiled a coffee table book of the scariest places he’s photographed. Aptly titled, “13: An American Horror Story” the book describes the horrors that took place in these ghostly places, some abandoned for years and years where no one dares to tread, except Seph, of course. The captions here are those from the book.

The Milan Mansion has long been suspected as a home of witchcraft. The owner was a practicing witch known by locals as the Milan Witch, and is said to be buried underneath front porch.

The Nova House (Youngstown, Ohio) was the place where Benjamin Albright shot and killed his son by accident then killed himself and his wife after being struck with anguish and guilt in 1958. The home has been vacant ever since and still has personal belongings inside.

So the story goes, after both parents committed double suicide in the Sayer House (Kentucky) their four small children raised themselves for more than a decade in this home.

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All proceeds from book sales between December 1-31 will go to the Greater Cleveland Food Bank.

Streetart in the Tenderloin, San Francisco


For one of the most affluent cities in America, San Francisco’s Tenderloin speaks to the disparity of the very rich and the very poor. What brings these otherwise downtrodden streets alive is the abundance of colorful streetart.

(Above: a collaboration between Osgemeos and Mark Bode, Warfield Theater.)




Gallery: The oldest living things in the world

A remarkable look into the earth’s ancient past.

Artist Rachel Sussman is obsessed with very old things that are still alive. No, not certain members of the British aristocracy. Things like the Pafuri baobab, a South African tree that is likely at least 2,000 years old — and requires an armed guard escort to visit. Or the stromatolites of Western Australia, organisms connected to the oxygenation of the planet that began some 3.5 billion years ago.

Sussman has spent years researching the science behind each shot, tracking down researchers to find out what they know — and then figuring out exactly where she needs to head next. “I try to approach them as portraits,” she says of her images. “I want to differentiate them from landscapes or straight documentary; these organisms have so much character and in some way they are all individuals.” In these often quiet, calm images, it’s the story beneath the surface that counts.

Many of the…

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