Day 2

Okay it’s Day 2. I still don’t have anything to blog about except to wonder where the term blog came from. Is it from blithering idiot+ log, or blah, blah, blah+log, or boring+log. Of course not, it’s web+log. Shouldn’t that be “wog”, to go with the wiki, widget business? Okay, so I do sound like a fossil, but at least I’m blogging and not watching daytime TV, right?

For some reason, I’m still thinking about the whole Obama+cop+Gates meeting. It was  pretty cool for Obama to just invite them all over for a beer. I mean forget about the whole healthcare crap. Yeah, it’s important, I mean people aren’t taking their medication because it costs too much and this is the only country that doesn’t have some sort of socialized medicare, but screw it. Just have a beer and relax and forget about it until this whole thing blows over between Obama & the cop & Gates. I just hope Obama doesn’t have a beer and a cigarette, then the whole thing will just keep going.

One thing for sure, Gates had a bad day that day. I mean, he comes home after a flight, is struggling to get in his house (probably to relax after flying and have a beer!), then gets arrested! By anyone’s standards, that’s a seriously bad day!

So enough blithering and blabbing and “blogging” for now. On to my first cup of coffee and wondering how to be clever enough to find a job so that I can get my own healthcare plan.


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