Why do I need a blog?

So it’s the 21st century and “everyone” is blogging. Why do I need one except that some would-be potential employer on craigslist uses a blog instead of the traditional resume. I thought I was ahead of the game with a resume and a website. Not so. In any case I started this thing.

Now that I have it and I haven’t heard a word from the potential employer–what’s the point? Just to while away the hours keeping up this blog that no one reads. Don’t you have to be famous to have a worthwhile blog? Isn’t this the virtual tree in the forest falling type of blog: If no one reads it does it exist?

Why am I wasting my time? I’m not Ashton Kutcher who makes one tweet and it makes headlines. About the most important thing I can write about today is that my keyboard is sticking and I’m making more typos than usual.

What if a potential employer actually does read this? So far I’ve written about how out of it I’ve been regarding blogs/widgets/wikis, Obama, the cop and Gates (who I happen to sympathize with even though people think he should have just kept his mouth shut) and now I’m “making more typos than usual.” Great stuff for a potential employer to read about.


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