Creating a New Campaign


After an extremely discouraging foray on a recent campaign, I decided to start one “just for fun.” It’s much easier to do this on your own, when there’s no one to answer to, there’s no one to reign you in and all the other things I gripe about when talking about design by committee.

This campaign is based on the theme “What Kind of Coffee is Your Taste” or something like that. So far I’ve come up with Funky or Classic and pretend to understand a client’s taste by what coffee they pick. Clever, huh? Once you get into this kind of thing, you realize what works about it and what doesn’t. You really don’t know until you test it out on a real audience.

I’d love to have a potential client go through them and see what they say. On the other hand, there’s still so much to do and I can’t present some half-baked idea without taking it to the limit.

At least for now it’s giving me a project, killing time and keeping me away from the couch and the insidious lure of daytime TV.


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