Looking for a job: Why it’s harder than ever

Today I responded to another craigslist job post. They are getting more ridiculous by the day. For every job there are five candidates, so the statistics say. Employers are aware of this and making fools out of us looking for employment, as if we’re not battered enough.

The latest job listing I responded to was of the worst kind. The potential employer didn’t have any money to pay a designer, but would pay the designer residuals if the product did in fact take off. If it barely made any money, the designer would at least get credit for the work we did. Oh, the glory.

Nevertheless, this potential “employer” was overwhelmed with responses and wanted us to create a sample just for his particular project with the wording he provided. In other words, he will be getting samples from probably extremely talented designers, use the ideas he likes, throw the others away and get hundreds or thousands of dollars worth of work without paying a dime. And we should be happy to do it, just for the chance to not get paid and maybe receive some “residuals”.

I sent him a quick “sample” that was actually a rework of something that didn’t work out for someone else. Hey, it didn’t take any time. I don’t care if he uses it or not and I’d like to stay in touch just to see how many other idiots sent him samples. He promised he’d be sure to get in touch with all who respond and not “leave you hanging.”

Well, let’s just just hope that the next potential employer doesn’t ask that we prove we can walk on nails and through fire before we can even apply for the job. I do have my limits.


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