The New Journalism?

chocalaltiniWith all the talk about the demise of writing and reading there sure is alot of readin’ and writin’ going on. We have blogs, constant texting, im’ing, etc. Maybe it’s not the best English or even English at all, but it is a form of communication. There was a time not so long ago that writing was left up to the writers and it was more than a notion to get your opinion published in a paper.

People would try for years to get a letter to the editor published. It seemed easier to win the lottery. But now with social media, it’s almost a requirement to have an opinion and want to share it with the world. And not just occasionally when you get piqued about something, but on a regular basis like a paid writer.

It’s no easy task to come up with something worthwhile to write about everyday. If no one has noticed, I’m struggling quite a bit here trying to come up with content, not to mention writing about it. You’d think my journalism background would come in handy, but it just reminds me of all the times I sweated trying to get a decent article out.

I guess the great thing about blogs is you don’t have to use decent grammar and you can rely on a funny youtube video for content if you’re having a slow writing day. In fact, with a blog you can get away without writing anything but one sentence like “I ate spaghetti…mmm.” and be done for the day.

What this adds to our cultural landscape I have no idea but it’s here to stay in one way or another. So that being said, my contribution for the greater social media good is, I just had one heck of a good cup of coffee. Stay tuned.


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