Advertising: The Ultimate Depressant


Ever wonder why you feel so bad sometimes when you switch on the tv to watch your favorite show? It’s the advertising! While you’re looking for a night of relaxation, freshly popped popcorn and whatever other cozy goodies for a feel-good night, a commercial comes on about diabetes, heart disease, cancer, obesity, under eye bags, wrinkles, bad hair, and on and on and on. All of a sudden we’re feeling somewhat inadequate and/or concerned.

And it’s not subliminal suggestion, the advertising is basically crying out–“Your life SUCKS! And if it doesn’t now it will if you don’t buy all this stuff to fix it. Look at all the fun these extremely gorgeous and happy people are having that you’re missing out on!” Don’t you want to be like them? Buy this with your dwindling dollars and maybe you can get your lazy ass off that couch and be HAPPY!! You can smell better, look better, feel better, but you better do it right now because here comes the commercial about insurance and how your entire savings could be wiped out if you don’t get it and you’ll be homeless. And doesn’t your job suck? Go to this ridiculously expensive college and learn some new skill. And don’t wait, you’re not getting any younger.

All of a sudden, my little cozy night on the couch has turned into a nightmare of insecurities. Really?! My life does suck. My relationship sucks, my teeth aren’t white enough, I’m not saving enough for my future, my hair sucks and I can’t fit into a size 2, like the Kim Kardashian lookalike who lost 180 pounds in two weeks and looks fabulous in her bikini! Sigh. So much for the movie with probing insight about the vagaries of life, the indomitable spirit of human beings, about how we’re beautiful just as we are, how happiness comes from within. I need breath freshener damnit!


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