Android vs iPhone


I’m late to the whole android vs. iphone debate, but for anyone still trying to decide here’s my two cents.

Switching from my metro (aka “ghettro”) pcs Huawei smartphone to the iPhone was the smartest move I ever made. Forget smart, the iPhone is pure genius (thanks Steve). As a lifelong Mac addict, I’ve always known that Apple offers superior products. Intuitive, friendly, elegant, stylish, apple products deliver the best of everything.

Unfortunately, the prices are prohibitive for apple products. Sure, I would prefer to wear Kenneth Cole boots over Payless “all man made material” knockoffs or Prada over “Prado” lookalikes, but I can’t pretend to afford these luxuries. Nevertheless, I bit the bullet at the urging of my husband who tired of my constant whining and sighing over the clunky Huawei.

I had no idea just how clunky the Huawei was until he brought over his iPhone. The keyboard alone was magical. The huawei keypad is a frustrating mess. It would take me 15 minutes to write a simple “cya soon” text message. It added extra characters, then froze when trying to delete them. I literally was almost in tears when trying to send simple directions to friends coming over. Finally, I just gave up and read the directions to them.

Late to mobis, not to mention smartphones, I just thought they were supposed to be a pain. And using ghettro pcs, my expectations were extremely low. Not expecting much of anything, I was thrilled with my android smartphone. It was pretty enough, took decent pix and video, had tons of apps, email and a load of features that allowed me to do what I needed to do with a phone, plus plenty of other stuff.

The navigation featured saved me from many wrong turns in unfamiliar territory. I could even view and update my wordpress blog with the android app (though i was lucky to hack out a word on the crappy keypad). But by the time I actually had to make a phone call on it the battery had run down. Worst of all, when I went in to buy a new case for it, I was told that my Huawei had been discontinued and wouldn’t be supported. End of story.

I doggedly hung onto the android despite the setbacks using the rationale that at least it was cheap. But, the iPhone has transformed my cellular experience into something approaching nirvana. It’s like going from a 2001 Hyundai accent to a 2012 caddie. From a subway sandwich to a Wolfgang Puck panini. From velveeta to smoked Gouda. From cold duck to grey goose. You get my drift.

The keyboard is responsive and accurate. I just thought my fingers were too big for the Huawei. The iPhone doesn’t think so. I never figured out how to take an incoming call when I was already using it on the android. The iPhone has a prompt “hold and answer”, then allows you to swap back and forth easily. I can talk on the phone and text with somebody else at the same time. That’s rude, but it can be a useful feature in a pinch.

All of this to say, it’s nice to be riding in a caddie for a change. Worth every penny.


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