Instagram Fever


The instagram wave is the fan favorite now for iPhone apps. I had been using the pix-o-late app on the android and it was fun, but it was more about the whistle than the bell. When I first downloaded instagram on my iPad, it crashed when I tried to import a picture. I immediately deleted it as I was happy with photoshop express despite it’s limitations.

It wasn’t until I stumbled upon an article in flipboard about iphoneography that I took note of the beautiful photos people were creating with their iPhones. They truly were giving the pros a run for their money. The iPhone is almost as good if not better in some cases than a lot of digital cameras out there. It’s that Apple quest for absolute quality that makes viewing and taking pictures on the iphone/ipad a dream.

Instagram is one of the programs suggested in the article, but there are plenty of other apps that do way more, even getting HDR quality photos. But Instagram is by far the most popular. Instagram groups, photo exhibits, and compatible apps are springing up daily. And I can see why it’s popular for those under 40. The filters create a look exactly like the photos their moms and dads took of them when they were kids. I have some of those photos that my friends took of their kids. The only thing missing in the instagram photos are missing the bell bottoms and big hair or mullets.

Flickr has a great Instagram group to see the amazing images that people come up with. The iPhone and android may change our concept of photography. Photography was once an expensive hobby or left to the professionals who studied long and hard to get the effects instagram does in seconds. With instagram anyone can take a picture and dazzle even the most seasoned photographer.

But it certainly doesn’t stop there. Instagrammers will help instagram-addicts find out how to be the most popular or even how to find love in Instagram.

The best thing about instagram is that it’s makeshift the effects take on a different look depending on the photograph. A crappy photo can look like “art” in Instagram. A great example of this is what the Igers, an iPhone group that took pictures at Bart stations in the bay area, captured when taking pix at bart stations. Instagram is kind of a retrograde photojournalism. Shoot it now before it’s gone and fix it later, if necessary. With instagram, you can shoot, fix it share it. They may not all look like the photos that appeared in Life magazine, but some will.

Mainly it’s just fun and in my opinion a better use of time than Angry Birds. But, watch out, once you start using this app it’s totally addictive. The next group might be instagrammers anonymous.


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