On the Cheap: Free photo editing apps for iPad


Photo editing on the iPad and iPhone has transformed the way I look at photo enhancement, color correction, and just plain goofing around with a photo. Everybody, graphic designer or not, likes to upload their pix and share them with their friends. Whether grandma wants to share a snapshot of her and the kids or a professional photographer documenting their travels, a simple photo Editing app can be a useful tool. Maybe grandma wants to crop out cranky Aunt Lucille who’s frown messed up otherwise decent photos of a family gathering. Or the photojournalist is sending an idea around, but wants to make a quick color adjustment before sending it to his editor.

There are plenty of apps around to do just that and plenty more. Just google “Ten Best apps for android or iPad” and you’ll find any number of useful tools to meet your needs and many of them are free. As an avid photoshop user, I sometimes wonder why I’ll need to buy another expensive photoshop upgrade again. Sure, I have to download four apps to do something I can do in photoshop alone, but I’m not doing a photo spread for national geographic–just uploading a snapshot to share on Facebook.

The main thing is that the apps are fun to use. Most have one click effects or filters–posterize, enhance (similar to “auto color” in photoshop, soften (Gaussian blur), as well as borders, and cropping. Spend a little time playing around with the apps and you’ll be delighted with intended and unintended (my favorite) results.

The examples shown here were the result of playing around with the apps. Both examples use Dash of Color (personal fave) and photoshop express, both free apps that are less tedious to use than photoshop. Dash of color converts a color image to black and white, then allows you to “paint” back in the areas you want to color. Amuse yourself and your friends (how’d you do that?) and save yourself the expense and photoshop tutorials.



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