Crazy Beauty


I broke my kneecap right before Xmas last year. To keep from going crazy I had to come up with a zillion ways to occupy myself (in addition to lazily occupying wall street) as I mend. Most of the mending takes place on the couch with my heavily braced leg propped up.

Armed with an iPad, an iPhone, a zillion apps and a curious mind constantly searching for creativity and beauty, I find I don’t have enough hours in the day. I find stunning artwork everywhere! From my couch I have traveled vicariously to Cuba, Brazil, seen the stunning waterfalls in Guyana, charming old world cafes in Paris. From the bourgeoise to the bizarre to the brilliant it has been an exhilarating trip.

Just when I think I’ve seen everything, I stumble upon something that wows me yet again. I love the piece above because of it’s patience, riveting detail, whimsy and yes, crazy beauty! (copyright David Kracov)

Here are a couple of my other armchair travels.


A friend of mine recently traveled to Cuba and this is just one of the photos she took with her exceptional eye. She captured the enigmatic country focusing on the art that explodes everywhere. (copyright Nancy Johnson)


Just around the same time another photographer friend posted his photos from a recent trip to Brazil. This is just one of the many exquisite, colorful street scenes he took. (copyright Kamau Amen-Ra)

Much as we all love to hate the omnipresent, increasingly invasive and thankfully, for me, time-consuming Facebook it does have its merits. I was delighted to find these adorable photos of Himalayan children. (courtesy of Nadège Eloy,



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