My Life List

My life list is getting longer instead of shorter. After surviving the 60s on into the new millennium you think I would have done most of the things I had hoped to do. But I kept putting things off because of working, no money or both. The last ten years have been more about survival and less time mulling over what I really want to do.

Now that I have a little breathing room and time for reflection (i.e. unemployment), I’m finding all sorts of things I want to do so much so that I find myself frantically trying to do everything in one day. (Plus, uh, looking for a job.) I used to have the philosophy “Don’t do today, what you can do tomorrow.” I admit, that usually came to paying bills, but it also applied to painting, writing, taking photos, meeting up with friends more and taking that hot yoga class.

So far I have been painting and writing–sometimes I have to do this by combining them in a collage and kill two birds with one stone. I watched a great movie about Van Gogh with Kirk Douglas and by the end he was furiously painting, going from one painting to another, spouting ideas to the bewildered Degas looking on.

It’s sort of the way my husband looks at me when I go on and on about the various projects I have in the works and plan to do. He asked me, “When do you do this stuff?” Late at night when there are no distractions, except for my cat who occasionally wants to take a peek then goes back to sleep.

She’s even annoyed with me, maybe even angry. I used to pet her for hours. She could knead my stomach any time she wanted as I was the couch for her. Now, I pet her for at most five minutes, usually preparing her for a photo with my iPhone so that I can put it in an instagram and post it on facebook or flickr or now Pinterest.

For someone trying to accomplish anything, or do anything Pinterest is the devil’s workshop. It’s meant to amuse, but it’s so amusing and fascinating with it’s assortment of art, crafts, fashion, photography, home projects, travel whatever, that it’s impossible to tear myself away from it short of a fire. All of the things on my “life list” are on Pinterest, but I can’t do any of them because I’m looking at them on Pinterest.

I’ll probably never get to Paris, but I bet with Pinterest I’ll be able to plan what I’ll wear (especially shoes), where I’ll go, what camera to use, where to shop, where and what to eat, where to stay and a lot of other things I wouldn’t even think of on my own.

Precious time…where does it go. I must get quiet and savor and enjoy the projects one at a time and if I don’t get to the one at least I will have done it vicariously on pinterest and shared them on facebook to impress my friends with how great a trip I would have taken if I had the time.

2 thoughts on “My Life List

    • Thank you so much for your kind comment. I see you’re starting a new journey and I am already fascinated with what you have do far. Looking forward to reading your post when I can pull myself away from Pinterest!


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