Oscars 2012: What Will She Wear?

It’s Hollywood’s biggest night and whether we care about the films or not, the most enjoyable part for me at least is what the leading ladies will be wearing. The only film I’ve seen is “The Help” and I waited until it came out on DVD.

But who cares–Sunday it’s all about the speeches, the gaffes, the performances and most of all, what they wear! So here goes a visual take of what they could wear.

Glenn Close: Edward Nobbs

Glenn Close, Edward Nobbs
Glenn Close is in her fifties, but she could still rock this cool bodice. The cross-dressing character she plays in the film wears a bodice to hide her girlish figure so it would be fitting for Close to “come out” at the Oscars. She is so unglamorous in the film, we’d love to see her blinged out in satin, feathers, gold and diamonds.

As far as the killer gold brocade boots, she could wear them for five hot minutes to claim her Oscar with some assistance up those tricky stairs. And the neck collar would take the outfit over-the-top and hide those pesky neck lines that women over 50 hate.

Close could be another actress to show you can look great at any age. This year we have two women over 50 as nominees. What an opportunity to show how good over 50 looks! She’s always been a stunner with her sharp jawline and beautiful skin. Bring it Glenn, we want to see you shine on that red carpet!

Rooney Mara, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Rooney Mara: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
In real life Rooney Mara looks so wholesome. The character she plays is dark and disturbed, but I’d like to think if the character had the opportunity to attend the Oscars, she’d put together something outrageous for the red carpet. Red, studded fingernails (by Laga Gaga’s Nail Technician), killer studded and spiked boots, maybe a leopard pattern skirt and of course, a studded leather jacket to die for. The Oscars could use some outrageousness. Since Joan Rivers started slamming everybody for everything, everyone is so safe. Let’s see some cutting-edge couture for a change.

I’m not saying bring back the days of Cher necessarily, but the younger generation need to make a statement, instead of kowtowing to the Fashion Police. What better place to start than the Oscars.

I don’t know if she has any tattoos in real life, but I hope she sports one for the Oscars.

Meryl Streep, The Iron Lady

Meryl Streep: The Iron Lady
Let’s just call her the “Divine Miss M” to steal Bette Midler’s title. We all love Meryl and she deserves our love and respect. She has taken us on so many emotional journeys throughout the years with her riveting performances, that I want to see her get her due on Oscar night.

She may not win, it doesn’t matter, but I want her to look fabulous on the red carpet. I mean fabulous! Meryl is beautiful, but I have to say she doesn’t seem to care much about fashion and always looks kind of dowdy on the red carpet. Compare her to the magnificent, Helen Mirren who looks great standing next to all the 20-year-old ingenues.

Meryl can do that and I think she would look perfect in vintage black with the wide collar, synched-waist and a lot of Chanel. Simple elegance spells Meryl and I’m just keeping my fingers crossed that she pulls it off this year fashion-wise.

Women can look good at any age without all the botox and nonsense that women are resorting to nowadays. It’s got to stop! Meryl can be the tour-de-force so to speak in that regard and show the world that mature, simple elegance is always stunning.

Viola Davis, The Help

Viola Davis: The Help
God help her if she wears another dress like she did at the NAACP Image Awards a few weeks ago. She was beautiful, but who could tell? She went beyond cleavage into Pamela Anderson territory. Really, Viola? You’re more sophisticated than that.

For the Oscars, I hope Viola wears again, vintage 50s in honor of her character. All we need to do is look at what Lauren Bacall wore in the 50s and we remember that 50s fashion is unbelievably chic. Just ask Rachel Zoe, she relies on vintage fashion the way some people rely on steak and potatoes as a steady diet.

Viola will look good no matter what, but save the cleavage for some other award and show the refined, elegant beauty that you are (aka, Vogue Fashion Spread–yes!). I don’t know if pink is her color, but I could see her sweet, yet determined character in the film wearing something like that.

Remember, Viola: You is a star, you is a winner, and you is magnificent!

Michelle Williams: My Week with Marilyn

Michelle Williams: My Week with Marilyn
Whenever I see photos of Marilyn, I get sort of weepy. Her life was so short and sad and yet she brought so much joy to us in every film. She wasn’t really appreciated as a “serious” actress in her day, but she didn’t have to be serious. She was simply delightful and always stole the show the moment she came on the screen.

Who can forget her in “All About Eve” as the hardly clueless starlet, who acted clueless because she knew that’s how she could get what she wanted. Bette Davis didn’t speak to her through the entire film because she thought Marilyn was a merciless scene-stealer.

Acting aside, Marilyn was and is a fashion icon. Michelle Williams can pull off Marilyn almost as good as Marilyn and I’d love to see her in that clingy, birthday dress that Marilyn wore when she sang “Happy Birthday” to JFK.

If she wears that with the appropriate amount of diamonds and pearls, everyone will fall in love with her the way they did with Marilyn. She will undoubtedly be compared, but she’s already done that in the film, so she should take the risk and do full-on Marilyn with a 21st century twist.

As far as what they’ll really wear–who knows? The fun is the anticipation, the surprise and the brutal aftermath of the best/worst dressed lists. Bring it on!


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