Jazz & Design


For me, music and life are all about style.–Miles Davis

Jazz and design go together like scotch and soda, wine and cheese, steak and eggs. Jazz is the epitome of cool, no matter how old it gets. Design always wants to be cool and cutting-edge, staying ahead of the trends, and forming the trends.

But, unlike jazz design can be too self-conscious, too desperate to be genuinely cool. But merged together there is the sublime cool factor as the stunning jazz photography over the decades shows. It is refreshingly un-self-conscious.

The legendary, iconic Blue Note album covers exemplify the perfect blend of jazz and design. Their brilliance is timeless and emulated by some of today’s artists.



The jazz clubs of New York and Paris add to the coolness factor. Moody, dramatic, grainy black and white photos are the backdrop for the musicians and patrons alike, telling infinite stories of a certain era that only gets cooler with age.

The “Jazz Photography Super-Mega Store” is a good place to find jazz posters, albums, books and more.


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