Katy Perry Would Make Andy Warhol Proud


Katy Perry Now and Then

Everyone will be famous for 15 minutes.–Andy Warhol

The March issue of Interview magazine with Katy Perry on the cover has created a buzz in the music and fashion industries because of Katy Perry’s transformation from candy girl to a healthy Amy Winehouse lookalike.

Looks like Perry is extending her 15 minutes of fame and beyond by re-working her image and it’s working for her. What better time to revamp than after a nasty divorce. Russell Brand is probably kicking himself for not paying more attention to his young, beautiful, hugely successful wife.

Perry took no time, to pick herself up, dust herself off and move on. And what a good move.

It’s probably a good move for Interview magazine too. The magazine started by Andy Warhol in the ’70s will be flying off the stands. New media is great, but there are those occasions when you want a printed piece to frame and hang on the wall.

And this cover would be a great piece for that. It lends itself to all types of graphic treatments for wall decor as well as digital (I.e., wallpaper). I craved every issue of Interview magazine–had to have the moment it came out. Sometimes there were good reads, but it was always the cover that lured me to it. With the oversized format, they made perfect posters and were my favorite magazines to cut up and make collages out of. I couldn’t resist putting together a digital collage just for the heck of it.

What I love about the cover and fashion spread inside is that it has Warhol’s influence all over it, that alone spells brilliance. The stark black and white, interesting angles, the seedy backdrops that make you wonder what Perry is really up to these days.

The great thing about Warhol’s work was whether you liked it or not you were drawn into his world like any good storyteller will do. And what a world it was–models, addicts, writers, artists, filmmakers, musicians, groupies. The stuff of legend. Even now people want to emulate “The Factory” in the most unlikely places. Alexa Prisco, the owner/stylist on E’s “The Glam Fairy” is modeling her Jersey salon after it and with her Jerseylicious sense of fashion combined with quirky creative and conceptual ideas, it makes sense somehow. Cutting-edge and Jersey don’t exactly go together, but don’t tell Alexa that.

Vogue was for the established elite, but Interview was for the counter-culture with Andy as the ringleader. Perry’s cover revives that era and speaks to a generation craving new ideas and a counter culture of call their own.

With so many magazines failing or competing for attention, it’s good to see one of my old fave’s resurrected. And Andy would be proud that the magazine he started sticks to his vision of cutting-edge ribaldry that invites you not only to look, but to think.


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