Inspiration Friday: The Eames Team


How would I have known back in the ’70s when I was waiting in a dingy Greyhound bus station that I was sitting on one of the most innovative furniture designs of the 20th century?

I didn’t know a thing about Charles Ormond Eames, Jr. and Bernice Alexandra “Ray”, the husband and wife team, who would become cultural icons for generations of future designers. I didn’t even know that I would become a designer.

In the ’70s i just thought the chairs were horribly uncomfortable, usually covered in a layer of grime that shaded their original bright pastel colors and were just plain ugly to boot.

The chairs made out of a plastic resin were durable, lightweight and obviously suited for a variety of uses. And they were everywhere! From airports, to greasy diners, to doctors offices, they basically signaled that you were in for a long wait.

But in the 21st century, they are admired, imitated, redesigned for and by a new generation, and the Eames are duly revered and studied for their genius as well as quirkiness.

No matter how I was first introduced to the Eames chair as I now know it’s called, I have come to love at least the idea of the chair as a milestone for the modern era that we have all come to know and love. I especially love the graphic design that the chair has inspired in today’s designers.


I love it more now that I can view it in a museum rather than a dingy bus station in one of the lonely roads to nowhere of my youth.

The image at top is the work of Ryan Slater featured on The other image comes out of J. Fletcher Design also featured on


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