Pinterest: A Life Changer?


Pinterest, the time-killing (aka wasting) app that allows you to collect images of your favorite things and “pin” them onto boards is one of the fastest growing social media sites, even though you have to be invited to use it.

While “pinning” I discovered new interests, revived old ones, and found new spins on things I’m currently interested in. Friends tell me that they sleep better and worry less. Probably because they don’t have time to worry and are exhausted after pinning the zillionth pair of trendy, outlandish shoes.

I found myself staying up unable to tear myself away from the beautiful floral arrangements, exotic places, stunning nature shots, clever and practical do-it-yourself projects.

It was fun, but after collecting hundreds of pictures of shoes, handbags, rings and necklaces that I would never buy, the whole process seemed pointless.

I realized I would never have time to do any of these things because I spent too much time pinning them. Plus, I’m not much for collecting things anymore, yet I still want an abundantly rich life–good friends, good food and good creature comforts.

So I decided to use Pinterest purposefully to actually attempt to improve my daily life.

Here are five examples of how I use it as a way to better myself and have a good time doing it.

I don’t give parties but I’m planning one with just two of my best-ies as a way to say thank you. It’s easy with Pinterest because the ideas are all right there–menus, decorations, gifts, the works.

Instead of feeling overwhelmed I’m looking forward to a relaxed evening spent with friends–not just having a quick coffee.

There are so many DIY projects from building furniture to painting a leaf. I’m starting with the leaves. I was surprised to see the results of a dried leaf found right outside my door and a little acrylic paint. Plus, it got me away from the computer and let me explore painting without buying expensive canvases. Painted rocks are fun too. Glue a magnet on the back and they make a nice gift.


I make a point to find at least one image that makes me laugh out loud. Pinterest is flooded with humorous cartoons and quotes and they’re easy to find. Laughter is the best stress reliever. When I need a good laugh break I go straight to my humor board.

Take vicarious trips
I won’t be traveling soon for various reasons, but my travel board has turned into a dreamy, if only momentary getaway. So far I’ve been to Brazil, Cuba, Rome, Morocco and even Madagascar. Sometimes I just gaze at a dreamy scene like the one below.


Feng Shui
With Spring approaching and the days getting longer I want to simplify, de-clutter and enjoy every corner of my apartment that’s been neglected for awhile.

Pinterest has given me countless ideas of how to turn a small space into a clean, beautiful space with discarding and re-arranging for little or money. Every day I can do a little something to improve my space and it’s working already.


There are so many jokes about the uselessness of Pinterest, but judging by the growing number of it’s users–membership growing faster than Facebook at this time even with the invites– it can’t be all bad.

Of course, the same thing could be said for Angry Birds, too.

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