Featured Artist: Kamau Amen-Ra


Bay Area photographer, Kamau Amen-Ra has been shooting photos in the San Francisco Bay Area for over 30 years. His work as a photojournalist as well as his personal work has won him numerous awards and his work is shown widely in galleries.

But he remains remarkably humble, passionate about his work, and is always learning and sharing new things.

Traditionally trained, he has fallen in love with digital photography. There’s no doubt that the ability to upload images instantly to various news media has made his life as a photojournalist much easier. But it’s his experienced eye, his curious, joyful spirit that make his work captivating.

What I enjoy about his work is that it takes you on the journey with him. You walk to the store stumble upon a beautiful flower, look up and see a building with a bright yellow wall, the trellises forming a pattern. A few steps later a child is playing on steps with a colorful doll. The child looks up at him and smiles.

He shoots it all and it is a rich experience whether from his frequent travels in the Caribbean or Brazil or right down the street just a few steps from his own Berkeley doorstep.

Through his lens everything is beautiful or poignant or jarring and captures life in all its mesmerizing moments.

He has become somewhat of an unofficial photographer laureate in the Bay Area as he never misses an event–music, political rallies, festivals–he’s there. To view more of his work visit artwanted.com.

All photos copyright Kamau Amen-Ra


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