Hey, Daddy-O!

Whatever anyone wants to say about the 1950s, the last thing they can say was that it was boring.

It tried to be boring, with everyone trying to form into a straight middle-class line to suburbia, with it’s perfectly trimmed lawns and hedges in front of the uniform ticky-tack houses. And no telling what was going on behind closed doors–Marilyn was bringing sexy back!


But nobody seemed to tell the designers that it was supposed to be boring. They went wild, color and pattern crazy, assymetrical shapes for floor lamps and coffee tables, shiny, glitzy and just plain wacky. And then there were the omnipresent plastics that came in a rainbow of colors for any number of household items.

Never mind the cold war, the red scare, the atom bomb and a seething Civil Rights movement growing in the South. It’s time to get in a poodle skirt, hop in mom and Dad’s Edsel, go down to the diner, put a penny in the juke box and then go catch one of those technicolor movies! And, hey, since it could all end in one split second with the finger a hint away from the atom bomb, why not party like it’s 1955?

To the modern 1950 home or apartment dweller–drab was so yesterday. And drab it was not, it was a hodge-podge of eclectic and fun design from the pastel refrigerators, tiki hut motifs, to the brownie camera that captured it all.

Car makers joined in on the fun–cars with fins, the bigger the better. Even the atom bomb turned into something to sing about with the clever “Duck and Cover” public service announcements featuring the helmeted “Bert the Turtle.”

Then along comes a guy named Elvis and the real party started. How can we not love the 50s?


If you want to check out  some 50s fashion for your next big event, visit Daddy-O’s website for some retro fun.


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