Color, Color, Color!


Choosing a good palette can be a chore, especially when you’re just starting a project and working with simply a logo and no client preferences.

“Just have fun!” clients are inclined to say at the beginning of a project when they’re not sure what they want.

To have “fun” a designer has to understand the client’s brand, audience, success or failure of previous campaigns and their goals for the new campaign.

This can be fun when there’s a lot of time to explore. But with a fidgety client waiting for some brilliant design comps in a week, exploration has to be sacrificed for execution. has made choosing a palette a pleasure and taken the chore out of it. The site is for “those who love color.”

Their website is not only full of valuable resources and information, it does it all with stunning imagery–one lovely concoction after another.


It hardly feels like work exploring color choices with their clean and beautiful design.

It also is a great way to present an idea to a client. These are just a sampling of the gorgeous palettes, Designseed has put together.


The palettes are handy for a number of other uses–remodeling a room, choosing fabrics, collages–anything where you may be having a tough time to decide.

These palettes let you breathe and enjoy the process.


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