Fun with Frame Magic


I’ve written about Frame Magic here before, but after using it for awhile and updating to it’s latest upgrade, I have to share just how amazing and useful this little free app is.

It’s a great app to showcase all sorts of imagery in a grid system without having to fuss with creating one in InDesign, Word (ugh) or some other expensive time-consuming application.

Simply select a grid (the updated free version has around 10 layouts). The grids highlighted in yellow and blue are free.


Select a cell and Import the image. You can select each cell and add a different photo or choose “all” to fill each cell with the same image.

Once imported, you can play around with the many effects–sepia, indigo, vivid–that can offer surprising results.


You can resize the photo, change the orientation of a photo horizontally, vertically and 180 degrees and move it around in a cell to show different areas.

The “handles” on the side allow you to quickly adjust the cell sizes and margin widths.

With the “change” button you can switch out a photo by either replacing with an existing photo or taking one with the built-in camera feature.

The blue bar underneath lets you change the opacity of the image–handy when you want to highlight one area without affecting the others.

You can change the background, fill it with a pattern, or import your own picture to fill the background.


If you find that the grid doesn’t suit your needs, you can just select another and have a brand new layout.


The options are endless and it’s fun to discover new uses as you go along. I’d rate this app 5-Stars and that’s without even trying the full version that’s all of $0.99!

Unfortunately, there’s no Android version yet, but I’m sure that’s just a matter of time.


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