Pixlormatic is one of those apps you can live without, but why? It’s free, fun and can turn an ordinary photo into something extraordinary–at least in the world of faux-tography and iphoneography.

I discovered this app when trying to upload the images of these beautiful porcelain dolls created by Marina Bychkova to Pinterest. After several unsuccessful attempts, I decided to feature them here and worry about Pinterest later.

I love Instagrams, but an imported image is confined to a square box, whereas Pixlormatic imports the image as is.

Just playing around, I found that there was something to this app. Not only does it kill time while waiting in the DMV or some other God-forsaken place, but it really does allow you to “create” beautiful imagery in five minutes or less with a simple photo.

Here’s how simple it is.

I imported the original image (top of page). Then added an effect–Aladin was used here, but there are over a dozen to choose from.


Then after playing around with several, I added an overlay called ethereal.


Finally, I added a border and the final result was this.


According to the app description, there are over a million combinations for one photo using the effects, overlays and borders, but there are only so many hours in the day and I do have to sneak in some real work from time to time.

I’ll be back with more Pixlormatic fun and if you have any you want to share, I’d love to feature them here.


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