New DIY Section


(Above: Coasters made from soon-to-be discarded acrylic painting, cut in squares, mounted on foam core and covered with modge podge.)

In the two months or so that I’ve been on Pinterest, I’ve become increasingly crafty, wanting to turn that old bed sheet into a colorful curtain. Or my mom’s trough of fifties-era junk jewelry into collages. Or gather together my pile of design magazines still waiting to be read into a wastebasket that I can then throw the unused ones into.

I have found over 100 uses for toilet paper and the little brown tube inside. Did you know that little brown tube makes a cute gift box when covered with washi tape? Or that crumpled toilet paper makes a perfect leather-look texture when covered in modge podge and acrylic paint?

I didn’t until I got onto Pinterest and the list of things to make just keeps growing. Because of this, I’ve decided to add a new section for just DIY projects. I’m no Martha and there are a slew of DIY sites, but I just wanted to join in on the fun. I hope visitors enjoy it and add their own tips, tricks and techniques.

The thing I truly love about DIY projects is not only the enjoyment of working with my hands after years of being tied to a computer as a graphic designer, but how good it feels to give something to a friend or family member that’s personal and unique.

It is time-consuming, but it’s worth the effort when you see your friend’s smile knowing you took the time to make something just for them. It really is the thought that counts.

4 thoughts on “New DIY Section

  1. I started blogging mostly as a way to share my experiences with wedding planning, but I’ve been sharing my DIY stuff much more. Of course, some of it is stuff I’m making for the wedding, like my sheet music flowers, but a lot of it is just for fun. Good luck with your DIY adventures!


  2. Did you put the acrylic paint on poster board or paper or what? And then glue onto foam core? Or did you paint right on the foam core board? I am not sure I follow your instructions…


    • Hi, I cut up the painting into pieces, glued them onto the foam core with the modge podge, and covered top and bottom w/modge podge. When I set up my DIY section, I’ll try to give step by step instructions. I was just using the coasters as an example of a project. I welcome any advice or suggestions as I’m pretty new to these DIY projects after being on Pinterest for a couple of months. As a newbie, I want to be sort of a “tester” of what I find there. Hope that helps!


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