Justice for Trayvon


When I saw the picture of the little boy above on Facebook regarding the killing of Trayvon Martin http://www.facebook.com/MillionHoodies I was so saddened and decided to post the image here. I’ll also post it on twitter and anywhere else I can. Social media is raising awareness on all sorts of issues that impact our daily lives and I’m loving the freedom it gives us all in this global community to share our hopes, wishes and dreams.

I started this blog to re-discover myself after being lost in the mire of corporate America as a graphic designer. It was an amazing journey, many scrapes and scratches, many lessons learned, many enriching experiences.

But a layoff and a subsequent injury (broken knee, ouch) sidelined me and gave me the opportunity to reflect and follow my true dreams. This journey going on about four months has been one of the most enriching times ever. Re-discovering my creativity, exploring others wondrous creations and unique journeys has been tremendously fulfilling.

My cup continues to runneth over. I am filled with gratitude each and everyday to have the time out of the cubicle where my options seem limitless.

A part of this journey is to look into the part that race has played in my life. As a black woman who grew up during the turmoil of the ’60s and ’70s, I have seen the shifting mores on race. From a burgeoning civil rights movement to the first African American president.

And yet, the trauma of race still tears this country apart as demonstrated in the killing of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin. The uproar over this incident is daunting. The face behind this incident is dead.

I grew up when people were beaten, lynched and had crosses burned on their lawn for absolutely no other reason than being black.

I don’t want the generations that follow me ever to experience that again. We must open our minds and hearts to the injustice in the world and share our experiences with others. That is what America is about, that is what democracy is about and that is what will strengthen our society, at least that is my hope.


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