I’m an Instagrammer!


I love Instagram, the free app that allows me to take a crappy photo and turn it into something photo worthy. It also allows me to be part of the Instagram community that spreads all over the globe and everyone contributes and shares freely a love of taking photos. Novices and pros share and share alike.

You can “love” a photo, comment on it, give it a insta-shout out, tag it, follow people and have people follow you. It’s a great community to be a part of since I’m new to instagrams, not to mention photography period.

Corporations are in on the bandwagon, too. Sharpie uses it as a way to interact with their customers. Photos by Sharpie on Instagram is a ridiculously fun way to look at artwork created with a sharpie or just photos of sharpies. As a sharpie fanatic, I can’t get enough of it.

One of my recent instagrammer “loves” is takinyerphoto, an NYC photographer who captures the essence of this nonstop city. He has a knack for capturing the fashionistas in their daily lives not even aware of the camera–no need for fancy models and photo shoots for him.


I also love ifotographer, his work has a certain unique style and it was hard to say how he accomplishes these effects with an instagram, but he was happy to share his secret. He graciously posted a screenshot of the apps he uses.


I was thrilled to find out there’s a free HDR app out there. Here’s just one of the beautiful shots he posted.


So far in my three months as an Instagrammer, I’ve posted 759 photos. Here’s my latest, taken last night of Elsa during one of her many catnaps on my lap.


She doesn’t realize it, but there are probably more photos of her on the Internet than Kim Kardashian.


2 thoughts on “I’m an Instagrammer!

  1. Love IG, as well. There are plenty of working artists on IG. I love seeing work in progress photos.

    Snapshots are just great in their own right. Im more interested in passing observations than planned production.


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