Infographics: All the Rage


This Infographic isn’t just great news for coffee drinkers, it’s great news for designers. People love Infographics!

We’re becoming a more visual society. Kindles aside, people really aren’t reading too much anymore. And while pictures often say more than words, sometimes they don’t say it all.

Add to that, consumers are getting more of their information on their mobile devices. Who wants to read a 5 page essay on the health benefits of coffee on their mobi? (Well, I might since I love coffee and am so happy to find it does have health benefits.)

Plus, they’re just plain pretty to look at. I found a treasure trove of great Infographics over at Visual Loop. They describe their site as, “A non-stop stream of Links to Infographics, Maps, Charts and many other worldwide Visualization Designs that make the process of understanding our life a bit easier…or not. It’s not a showcase of good or bad Design. It’s just … a Visual Loop.”

But most of it is great design and much easier to digest than some of those awful .pdf downloads with more info than you need that some sites offer. The added benefit for designers is that they are bringing typography back. Happy, happy , joy, joy!!

We thought we’d have to pack up our font suitcases and settle for Helvetica everything, but behold. Infographics celebrate the beauty of type, that designers love as much as their black Sharpies and spiral bound Cachet Fusion Portfolio Sketch Books.

And on that note, I’m heading out for another cup of java to celebrate.


2 thoughts on “Infographics: All the Rage

    • Honestly, I don’t know. Its definitely a trend and they come and go. But they will always be around in some form or fashion because sometimes it is the best way to display information. Great question. I’ll do more investigating on this. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.


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