“Absorb what is useful, Discard what is not, Add what is uniquely your own.” –Bruce Lee

Just when I was in the process of letting go emotionally and physically, I discovered Pinterest. Pinterest, as many of you know, is the social media site where a visitor or (invitee) is given several boards to fill with their favorite things.

The things can be everything from cute shoes to spiritual enlightenment through an array of beautifully designed quotes. As much as I’ve been focusing on my spiritual growth lately and re-discovering the authentic me, I have to admit through Pinterest I discovered I also have a predilection for shoes (the higher the better), cute outfits, spandex undergarments, couture gowns and big hats.

I never wear any of these things. Fashion-wise I veer toward the safe side, although I have way too many scarves and accessories to wear in one lifetime. And while I’m leaning toward the simple, uncluttered look in my house, I’m finding through Pinterest lovely hippie nests full of vibrant colors, glass beads catching the light, sequined and beaded pillows, colorful Indian and Moroccan throws and rugs.

It’s all slightly schizophrenic–one side unencumbered, spare, white with spots of color. The other, every space filled with color, no white to be found. What to do? I’m in the process of getting rid of all of the things I’ve accumulated over the years. Boxes and boxes of stuff of things I haven’t looked at in years are all packed and ready for 1-800-come get this stuff.

I feel lighter and less burdened just thinking of it. It is also releasing the emotional attachment to all that stuff. It is giving me a new sense of freedom and moving on.

But at heart, I’m discovering through Pinterest that I’m something of a hoarder at heart. I love the vintage collectibles, the faded, patina remnants of a time past. Pinterest started as a silly way to pass the time as I healed my broken knee and a broken spirit.

But its turning into a wonderful journey of self discovery. My likes and dislikes are a revelation and allow me to see parts of myself that I’d forgotten and what I need to let go of emotionally to move on.

I’ve started a new blog just for fun, pintabulous, to share my favorite Pinterest finds. It’s only three days old and while it started as a semi-professional venture (designers have to stay current) I found I don’t really have the stomach for consumerism in a society that already wants too much and is never content with what it has.

It will be evolving as I go and I have no idea where it will take me. I just want to enjoy the process and share my love of things, keeping in mind that I can use them to enhance my life instead of piling on more empty stuff to fill an emotional void that will end up in boxes some time later, waiting to be thrown away.


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