Green Jobs U.S.A.

I love infographics with great design and I especially love them when they actually have useful information. This one has both. As a designer, I’ve had to work in industries that weren’t selling the best products and in some cases over-priced useless products. Much blood, sweat and tears went into those campaigns, but I never felt particularly proud when we had a successful one. Except for the low-paying non-profits that I did work for, I had to accept the fact that to earn money as a designer, I had to compromise my values–sometimes a lot!

That’s why I found this infographic so enticing. The green industry is good for the environment and the economy. At this point, I’m at a crossroads in my career. On the one hand, I want out, on the other, I’d like to use what I’ve learned over the years to give back to the community and the planet. A green job, in some capacity, might well be the way to go.



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