Great Free Fonts Friday

There’s nothing better than finding free fonts that are useful and beautiful. I chanced on these free fonts on and liked the variety that could add pizazz to any numer of projects.

Here are just a few of my favorites.

I’d been looking for a nice chunky font for interesting titling and here it is, Chunkfive, by the League of Moveable Type. It looks great when creating blocks of information for infographics.

Pedro Arilla created Valentina and it will add elegance to a classic design. It is compiled of 457 glyphs, with 125 alternative lower cases or the 46 ligatures.

I can’t get enough of script fonts. Created by designer James T. Edmondson, Lavaderia comes in a range of open type features and three weights. You can’t beat that for a free font.

For all 15 free fonts click here.


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