Old Photo Pro App Review

New digital imaging apps are abundant and some deliver and some don’t. As a fervid instagram addict, I am always looking for a fun and fast way to manipulate a photo. They may not render as perfectly as they do in photoshop, but the apps are free and can accomplish in seconds what would take much longer in photoshop.

Old Photo Pro is one of those apps that does what it says and has a simple interface to boot. Here are some samples of what it does, all done on my iPad in minutes.

This photo found on piccsy.com is lovely as is, but I thought it would take on a whole new meaning in sepia. Sure, an action script in photoshop does basically the same thing, but Old Photo adds dust and scratch overlays and rough borders to give it a more vintage feel.



This beautiful photo by Iwona Drozda-Sibeijn is another that takes on a haunting faded beauty when run through Old Photo.



The Awahnee Hotel in Yosemite National Park is full of history and is a place of charm and elegance in color or sepia. I played with the “edit” features in Old Photo, allowing me to adjust the contrast, brightness, tone and color intensity.



You can download the app at iTunes.apple.com.


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