The Evolution of Lolita

Vladimir Nabokov would probably be surprised at how his controversial novel of an adolescent seductress would endure and transform over the years. The story is timeless, an older man succumbing to the overwhelming temptations of a young girl. In any era, that he acted on his impulses is sordid, but when he wrote about it in the 1950s it was unthinkable. Actress Susan Lyons career was destroyed by her dead-on portrayal of the girl in the 1960s version.

Nevertheless, the story continues to tantalize and provoke in the 1962 film and the remake in 1997. The provocative imagery of the posters and book covers alone speaks volumes on this compelling yet disturbing subject.

Susan Lyons, artists update of original book cover

Original book cover and updated version

Dominique Swain and original movie poster


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