London Olympics Logo 2012: Don’t Make the Logo Bigger


It looks like the much-berated Official Olympics 2012 London logo, designed by branding agency Wolff Olins, is here to stay–despite Conservative MP Philip Davies describing the design as “childish and ridiculous” and “a pathetic attempt to appear trendy”. Despite the video introducing the logo causing some viewers to complain of seizures and vomiting and subsequently banned. Despite 48,615 people signing a petition to call for the controversial logo to be scrapped.

The petition led to a contest asking people to send in their own designs as alternatives. This just made things worse (possibly causing even more seizures and vomiting).


The contest that received thousands of submissions caused officials to go back to the original logo, and they even added two more.


In the meantime, designer/illustrator Sean Sims created this clean, fun and appealing poster ignoring the logo altogether.


As did Omega, the official timekeeper for the Olympics since 1948 which was the first time a photo-finish camera was used in the Olympics.


Which was also the last time the Olympics was held in London.


With an audience ready and waiting to hit the “Like” button, too bad they hadn’t gotten popular opinion before they made a final decision. The controversial logo was even hated by the Iranian government who threatened to boycott the Olympics because they thought it looked like it spelled out Zion.

Just goes to show when it comes to logos, you can’t please everybody. Maybe London will get another shot in another 60 years or so.


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