Jazz & Photography: Kathy Sloane

Jazz aficionados would appreciate this book by photographer Kathy Sloane about the Keystone Korner, a historic jazz club tucked into a small San Francisco street in the 1970’s that lured jazz greats (such as Charles Mingus, above or Dexter Gordon, below) into this tiny club. Sloane’s book has pics of them all in that wonderful jazz style that melds perfectly with the music. The captures are truly of a bygone era that was at once hypnotic, baffling and magical. I hate to give them all away here, please visit her site at kathysloanephotographer.com to see more.

(All photos copyright Kathy Sloane)


14 thoughts on “Jazz & Photography: Kathy Sloane

  1. thanks for running this wonderful review of my book again, with the photo of mingus. i didn’t photograph mingus at keystone korner, and so unfortunately the photo does not appear in my book. ( i’m thinking about volume 2: “other than keystone”.) this photos of charles mingus was made during’ last concert in san francisco, at the great american music hall.


    • I planned to have this blog post about your work in general because I fell in love with all of it. Then I discovered you actually had a boook, so I decided to write about the book. I led with the picture of Mingus because that’s how I discovered your amazing work–sure glad I did! I certainly would love to see a book featuring your work outside of the Keystone! Thank you so much for clarifying!


  2. Do you have any idea who the photog might have been and a possible year for the MIngus photo? Thankxx… loving the book and your work, Kathy!! So glad to see a woman behind the JAZZ camera for once. We hear so much about Wolff, Gottlieb & other male photogs that I was excited to own your book!


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