Painted Ladies of Sacramento


San Francisco is known for its colorfully painted Victorians, dubbed as “Painted Ladies”, but Sacramento has its share of beauties too. These were captured on a leisurely stroll in midtown.




6 thoughts on “Painted Ladies of Sacramento

  1. I didn’t realise that Sacramento had a bunch of Painted Ladies too!
    I gues it makes sense that down around old-town there should be old homes and therefore likely candidates.
    After all, even little Sonora has a few!
    Even though we have plenty of victorian era homes in Melbourne and Ballarat, I have never seen them painted as they do in California. They tend to be more traditional here and use historic colours.
    Thanks for sharing!


    • The Victorians in San Francisco were very rundown and dreary looking in the 1960s. Many were abandoned and could have been destroyed. Someone finally realized they were treasures and painted them bright colors to emphasize their beauty–thank goodness. I hope to one day make it to your part of the world and see the architecture, art & culture there! Thank you for sharing!


      • You would love Melbourne!
        It’s a fantastic city, with beautiful buildings…especially homes. At one time it was the third largest city in the world and during the 1850s, thanks to the gold rush in the state it was a very wealthy city so you can still find signs of the opulance around in the architecture. When I lived in the US, San Francisco was my favourtie city but now Melbourne beats it! Although I think Dublin may be my all time fav. 🙂


      • I’m a fool for shoes! I threw out a bunch of shoes and am starting to “collect” again. See ya in Melbourne (in some sassy shoes!) ~j


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