People from rural areas know the joys of growing up seeing swarms of fireflies dancing in the warm summer night sky. Coming from the city, I never experienced it and am fascinated by their magical clusters of light. The photo below was taken in Japan in 2010-2011 using a slow shutter speed. (The macro is from





11 thoughts on “Fireflies!

  1. Thanks for stopping by Keeping up with Carol and VERY COOL pics! I grew up with them, but had moved to Florida for the past 20 yrs and maybe saw a hand full over that time. We just moved to Colorado, and I hope to see many more. I’d never thought about a slow shutter speed with them – can’t wait to try it!


  2. Hi June. I am just wondering if the top photo of the Mason jar and fireflies is yours, or can you tell me where you found it? After searching all over the web, I can not find the person to whom it belongs.


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