Beautiful Street Art: Hosier Lane, Melbourne

If anyone ever had any doubt that graffiti was not an artform they need to go straight to Hosier Lane in Melbourne to check out a cobbled laneway full of sophisticated urban art.

The work sometimes political in nature is colorful, compelling, beautiful and everywhere. Artists are free to express themselves without threat of having it painted over the next day by angry storefront owners.

The much touted landmark has been featured in The Melbourne Design Guide and is often used as a backdrop for fashion and wedding photography.



7 thoughts on “Beautiful Street Art: Hosier Lane, Melbourne

  1. This is one of my favourite places to stop when in Melbourne – just to see what is new, as it is ever changing. Luckily, one of my favourite restaurants is on the corner! On the weekends you can find a lot of wedding parties having their photos done there. So much for the rough streets! 🙂


    • Hi Laura, I thought of you when I posted this. I figured you frequented there as its such a popular destination. Yet another reason why I need to go to Melbourne.:) have a beautiful trip–sounds exciting and relaxing! Love your travel tips!


      • Thanks June!
        It is a great spot. I love to sit at my favourite restaurant and watch people outside taking photos. 🙂
        Hopefully I’ll have a few good photos from the trip to share with you!


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