Sweet Excess


We all have a sweet tooth at some time or another, but can you imagine having a craving for a $27,000 cupcake! Dubai, the city of more-than-conspicuous consumption is counting on it with the creation of the Golden Phoenix cupcake. The cupcake’s ingredients include premium Ugandan vanilla beans and cocoa, Italian organic flour and many sheets of 23-carat gold wrapping the cake. The Golden Phoenix can take up to 48 hours to prepare and must be eaten in 15 minutes or its chocolate will melt, causing the gold flakes to peel and altering the flavor profile. Talk about gluttony!


It is a beautiful concoction, but I think I’d rather wear the gold than eat it. See the making of the Golden Phoenix Cupcake here.


4 thoughts on “Sweet Excess

    • It is absolutely disgusting. I should note that it is only sold at Bloomsbury’s in Dubai and no one has purchased one yet. Even the uber-rich have their limits!
      I debated whether or not to even post this, but it was so extraordinarily absurd I couldn’t resist. Thank you for your thoughtful comment.


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