Vintage Signs


These old signs are wonderful reminders of a different time. All of these were right in the middle of the city–no one bothered to take them down even though the businesses have long been gone.




“Quick Lunch” was a way of saying “fast food” and btw, where can you get “records, cosmetics and films” all in one place now?


6 thoughts on “Vintage Signs

  1. Where are these taken? One of the reasons to travel through small towns, is to find places like this. I live in Los Angeles and it is hard to find this slice of time in such a “Progressive” city that is constantly changing it’s image. Although Downtown still has some old buildings and signs.


    • These were all taken in Sacramento–they are dwindling, but all of these were taken right in the middle of the city. It’s the state capital but still has a small town feel.


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