Autopsy of America: Seph Lawless


“Whatever happened to the American Dream…you’re looking at it.” Seph Lawless, Autopsy of America

Photographer Seph Lawless is an Instagram sensation due to his passion for urban exploration and photographing the ruins of the stark, abandoned cities of America’s heartland. His passion evolved into a book, Autopsy of America, that exposes the America ravaged by economic decline, rampant unemployment, foreclosures and the like. Grim, yet beautifully photographed, accompanied by Lawless’ eloquent musings, the deserted dwellings hold remnants of scattered lives–an empty high chair, a dirty mattress, broken dishes, dusty toys and mangled dolls. Where are the families–the children, mothers, fathers, friends? The landscape is that of a battered, wounded America for all to see. Autopsy of America is a love story for the America we once knew and a forewarning of the America we dare not envision.




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