Autopsy of America by Seph Lawless

“In 1940 this City was vibrant and thriving…providing hope and promise. It was the third largest city in America…Now this abandoned city just gives you an awkward feeling…Like the sensation that someone is mentally undressing you…” — Seph Lawless (on Detroit)

Photographer and writer, Seph Lawless‘ newly released book, Autopsy of America, is an unflinching and honest portrayal of the demise of the American dream. Autopsy explores the abandoned cities destroyed by the ruthless economic decline of the 21st century. It’s a timely book, as the gulf between the rich and poor increases and the middle class disappears. Disturbing, haunting and yet somehow poignant, Lawless’ images together with his deeply personal and probing journal entries examine some of the richest cities in America (Detroit, Cleveland), now some of the poorest. Lawless’ photography illuminate what his words cannot describe. It all seems very grim and hopeless, but this book puts a face to the cities that are tattered remnants of a failed America and lifts them out of the darkness for all to see.


The book is available on or on Amazon beginning on November 15 (the Kindle version is available now).


One thought on “Autopsy of America by Seph Lawless

  1. Weep not for Detroit blogamerica. History proves repeatedly that true city cites are indomitable and organic. Flood them burn them atom bomb them and sooner or later they come back bigger and better than before. However, all organisms invluding city sites undergo cycles of flowering and decay each cycle containing the germ of its successor. Detroit will rise again.


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