A Slice of Life


Oakland is a city of many things. Just ten minutes across the water from its uppity cousin San Francisco, it offers a variety of riches that San Francisco could only aspire to. Rich in cultural diversity, it is home to some of the finest artists in the world, spoken and unspoken. (Above photo by Kamau Amen-Ra)

(Above: photographers Asual Kwahuumba, Wanda Sabir, TaSin Sabir, Tumani Onabiyi, Edward Miller, Kamau Amen-Ra)

The Slice of Life Photography Exhibit (February 22 at the San Leandro Library) showcased some of this talent as part of an ongoing series by the Oakland Renaissance Photographers Collective.

(Above photo by Tumani Onabiyi)

Comprised of several local photographers who beautifully capture the spirit of Oakland and it’s residents, the exhibit showed the depth of the photographers work in Oakland and all over the world.

Along with the photography was music provided by Cellist Kash Killion, who played with the legendary Sun Ra and violinists Sandra Poindexter and Tarika Lewis, who both played with yet another jazz legend, John Handy.

To say the performance was stellar would be an understatement. Accompanied by dancer Jasmine Vassar, the music was an improvisational delight of jazz and blues.

Kudos must go to Oakland-based photographer, Kamau Amen-Ra, for bringing together these artists and creating an event that enriches Oakland’s thriving cultural landscape.


(Exhibit photo by Kamau Amen-Ra)


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