I was working on a project that has to do with building a campaign based on a potential client’s coffee style. It started innocently enough–just from the combination of having new free time, drinking too much coffee and staring at my empty Starbucks paper coffee cup. What if they all looked different? What if we designers took advantage of what’s the hand-held equivalent of a billboard. Here’s the result: customizable paper coffee cups and/or cozies that reflect the taste of the respective coffee drinker.

My special paper coffee cup would look like this and the description is me in a nutshell. And some days I like my latte sugared, but occasionally I love a salty caramel macchiato on the side.


13 thoughts on “About

  1. I’ve often wondered why these multi-national companies don’t put something back and let upcoming designers and artists free on their paper cups; imagine how collected they’d be! Far fewer would end up in the bins too. Win win.


    • Starbucks has a suggestion box on their site. I’m sure artists have suggested it to them before, but they’re not buying it. But personalized cups (or anything for that matter) would be a great marketing tool and great for the environment too. Thanks for stopping by and commenting! Really enjoy your blog!


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